How to Stay Grounded in Times of Change and Transition


The years beyond 50 are a time of transition and change and while it’s helpful to care for spirit in these times its also important to respect and care for our body. Grounding is a way of living day to day that energises us and brings a sense of renewal and replenishment by tapping into the earth beneath our feet.  As women over 50 we have much to gain from this practice.

Holistic healing expert Phylameana lila Desy explains grounding in this way:
“Grounding is a process that helps the body to connect to life sustaining earth energies via its root chakra. Because we are first and foremost spiritual beings the physical body sometimes is ignored or gets neglected. It is important to respect and care for the “container” that houses our spirit.”

I learnt the importance of grounding in 2013 when I moved my New Zealand home base from the South Island to the North. I’d been feeling positive about this move as it meant that while in New Zealand I would be closer to family members. So I was surprised to find I couldn’t settle when I arrived.Even though I was taking care of my spirit in all sorts of little ways I still felt unfocused and irritable. Then, thankfully, something nudged me to start feeling the touch of Mother Earth.

I began to try a few simple grounding techniques- things like walking barefoot on the beach, digging in the soil with my bare hands, and picking armfuls of leafy greens from my new vegetable garden. I started a compost heap and got quite a buzz out of trekking out there with my bowl of vege and fruit peelings! I went searching for delicious root vegetable recipes online. Oh, and water became my sanctuary. I looked forward like never before to my long hot morning shower, and I even walked in the rain and let my hair get wet, definitely not usual for me!

And the more of these kinds of things I did the better I felt. I could focus again. I was present and relaxed, and connected to my body and surroundings in a deeply satisfying way. Joy began to trickle through again. This experience taught me a lot about the importance of striking a balance between caring for the spirit AND the body. I am so happy to share with you these simple grounding techniques that continue to help me thrive in times of change and transition.

Reconnect to Your Joy With These 5 Simple Grounding Techniques
1) Eat grounding food

Root vegetables reach down into the soil and bring grounding energy from the earth to our table. Eat them often when you are feeling fractious and unable to focus and concentrate. Being conscious of this energetic quality in root vegetables really increases the simple down-to-earth pleasure of eating them in soups, warm winter salads and delicious savoury dishes. Try to think of your root vegetables as your way of being nourished by Mother Earth.

2) Walk barefoot on the earth

The earth carries a healing energy in the form of free or mobile electrons that pass into your body when you walk barefoot, creating a deep sense of ease and well being. And at the same time, excess energy that is making you feel fractious passes out of you when you are in contact with the earth. The solidity of the earth is deeply comforting and when we lie on the grass and look up at the blue sky the whole of planet earth has our back. We are safe.

3) Unwind in warm water

To my mind the ultimate grounding technique must surely be soaking in a hot mineral spring where the water has just emerged from the earth and is rich with the earth’s minerals. One of my favourites is Saratoga Springs in New York state, where the bathwater is the colour of red earth and fizzes like champagne. When I’m in New Zealand I long for this romantic place and it’s always high on our must do list when I return to New York.

I also love the thermal region in the central North island of New Zealand, where the sides of the hot pools are stained dark green by the mineral content of the water. I spent many happy family holidays in this place as a child and it still holds a special magic for me. Of course most of us don’t have access to such luxuries day to day, so adding a handful of mineral salts to our bath is the next best thing! Or taking a long hot shower, if a bath is not available.

4) celebratE body as well as spirit

Reach out to people you love. Share as many hugs with them as you can. Grasp their hands warmly. Talk about down-to-earth things. Laugh and have fun! And while you’re at it reach out to people you don’t know. Smile and say hello to everyone you pass in the street when you’re out.

Touch is very important for grounding us in our body. That can include things like baking bread . Kneading dough is a such a sensuous physical thing to do. And don’t neglect self massage – another sensuous grounding technique that brings your awareness back into your body.

5) Reach deep into the earth in a grounding meditation

Find a quiet spot and stand still for a while. Breathe into the silence and feel your body relaxing. Now imagine your feet are growing roots deep into the earth below where you stand. Follow them down through the earth in your imagination. See them sprout smaller and smaller root systems and entangle themselves in the body of the earth, grounding you where you are. Ahhh. Isn’t this THE most delicious feeling! I love it!