Why Creativity Matters In Your 50s


Living an authentic, fulfilling life in your 50s depends on you shedding the “should haves” and embracing the life you really want to live. Creativity of any kind will help you to do that. Even if you’ve never been creative till now take heart. Changes in the way we use our brain in our 40s and 50s actually stimulate us all to be more creative at this age!

According to psychiatrist Gene Cohen at this stage of our lives we begin using both sides of our brain more ~ the logical and analytical left side and the artistic right side. This leads to us being more creative.

As blogger Nancy Monson writes:

“In turn, being more creative prompts us to integrate both left and right brain capabilities in a happy cycle of artistic energy.” An added bonus of this happy cycle of creativity is that we become more confident and comfortable with ourselves and begin to cast off the need to conform.

Nancy goes on to say of this stage of life we’re in:
“Cohen says that many people in mid-to late-life go through a psychological “liberation” phase characterized by an increasing urge … to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. They hear an inner voice that asks them “If not now, when?””

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re in that liberation stage. Can you hear that inner voice pressing you to get moving and embrace the life you really want to live? If so set the ball rolling with some creative expression ~ the imperfect heart-wide-open kind. Paint, dance, write, sing. Knit something wildly colourful. Play the bongo drums.

Just let yourself go for as long as it takes.

Don’t worry that you’ve never done this before. As you can see the time is just right. Stepping into your creative power will be easier than you think. And somewhere within that outpouring of artistic energy you’ll find your true self, and the way forward to that life you really want to live!